Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters, an American professional pickleball player, was born on January 26, 2007. As of October 2022, the Professional Pickleball Association placed her first in the world for doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. At the age of 12, she became the world’s youngest professional pickleball player, and she is well-known for her doubles partnership with her mother, Leigh Waters.

Early Life of Anna Leigh Waters

The background of Anna Leigh Waters should be understood before delving into the financial specifics. At a young age, Waters was introduced to pickleball as part of a family that loved sports. She was gifted from the beginning and advanced through the ranks fast to become one of the sport’s youngest professional athletes.

Bio Data of Anna Leigh Waters

NameAnna Waters
Full NameAnna Leigh Waters
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 2007
Age17 years old
Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth$1.4 million
Height5 feet 9 inches 
Weight140 pounds
InstagramAnna Leigh Waters (@a.l.waters_a1)
Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters net worth is $1.4 million. This covers sponsorships and endorsements as well as the money she won in the tournament.

Several major corporations, such as JOOLA Pickleball, Whataburger, and the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), have sponsorship arrangements with her.

More than $1 million in tournament winnings have been awarded to Waters. Depending on the level and category of the competition, she can receive anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for each victory. In addition, she gets bonuses for placing well in tournaments and achieving particular rankings.

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Waters has sponsorship deals with a number of large companies that give her cash support, clothing, publicity, and equipment. Among her sponsors are:

Top-quality pickleball paddles, balls, netting, and accessories are available at JOOLA Pickleball. Since 2020, Waters has been utilizing JOOLA paddles and has helped develop a number of their products.

Whataburger is a fast-food establishment that focuses on serving shakes, fries, and hamburgers. Since she was a little child, Waters has been a fan of Whataburger and has worked with them to promote their values and menu options.

Some of the biggest and most prominent pickleball events are held by the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), a professional organization. Waters regularly participates in PPA activities as a member of their organization.

With more than 43,000 followers, Waters shares photos and videos of her pickleball trips and lifestyle on Instagram.

She encourages young people to play pickleball by using her status to promote the game. In addition, she earns money from sponsored content and partnerships with other influencers and corporations.

Waters also makes money from coaching pickleball and appearing in commercials. She has starred in commercials for PPA, JOOLA Pickleball, and Whataburger. She also offers pickleball players of all ability levels in-person and virtual coaching sessions.

Anna Leigh Waters Career and Business Life

Waters was reared in Delray Beach, Florida. During Hurricane Irma in 2017, her family went to see her grandparents in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and she and her mother started playing pickleball together. Waters immediately developed into a strong player, playing her first event in Dallas, Texas, when she was 11 years old. Waters became the youngest professional pickleball player in history in 2019 when she was 12 years old.

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Since retiring in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Waters has won competitions in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. Waters’ doubles partner and coach is her mother, Leigh Waters, a former NCAA Division I tennis player at the University of South Carolina. They are the only mother-and-daughter duo in professional pickleball. Waters has played mixed doubles alongside Ben Johns.

She has previously played pickleball alongside Olympian Michael Phelps, actor Jamie Foxx, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, and golfers Scottie Scheffler and Jordan Spieth. She has also played against football giants Larry Fitzgerald and Danny Wuerffel.

Waters won the 2021 doubles national title at the Orlando Cup. In 2021, she won gold medals in singles at the Newport Beach Showcase, Orlando Cup, Texas Open, and Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championship. Waters won bronze in singles at the 2021 US Open, silver in doubles, and bronze in mixed doubles at the 2021 Acrytech Atlanta Open. Waters plays with an aggressive style that emphasizes strength and speed, as opposed to the precise placement of traditional pickleball players.

Waters and her mother won the first-ever nationally televised pickleball match on CBS Sports in 2022, defeating Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith in the Skechers Invitational Summer Championship at Los Angeles’ Riviera Country Club.

In May 2023, Waters won the PPA North Carolina Open mixed doubles title with former world No. 8 tennis player Jack Sock in his professional pickleball debut.

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In addition to pickleball, Waters was a competitive soccer player who has since abandoned playing to focus on pickleball. Waters’ mother, Leigh, serves as both her coach and manager, as well as her doubles partner. Waters is homeschooled by her grandmother, and Leigh has suggested that Waters will most likely postpone college to pursue a professional pickleball career.

Fila, a sportswear manufacturer, sponsors Waters. Waters is also sponsored by PaddleTek. Waters has her paddle design for the brand. On February 10, 2023, Waters resigned from Paddletek. She is also sponsored by Lock Laces.

Personal Life

Waters played competitive soccer in addition to pickleball, but she gave up the game to concentrate on pickleball. Leigh, Waters’ mother, is not only her doubles partner but also her manager and mentor. Waters’ grandma homeschools her, and Leigh has hinted that she intends to put off going to college to focus on her pickleball career.

Fila is a sportswear manufacturer that sponsors Waters. Paddletek is another sponsor of Waters. With the company, Waters has created her own paddle design. Waters re-signed with Paddletek on February 10, 2023. Lock Laces is another sponsor of hers.

Anna Leigh Waters Age

Anna Leigh Waters was born on 26th January 2007. She is 17 years old as of May 2024.


Professional athletes’ net worth is significantly shaped by sponsorships and endorsement agreements in addition to prize money. Waters’s expertise and marketability have drawn the attention of many sponsors. Her financial situation is improved by these relationships, which give her access to various revenue streams.


Anna Leigh Waters is one of the finest players in the sports world. Anna Leigh Waters net worth is $1.4million.

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